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New York Area Cooperative Mortgage Loans

Most Effective in Loans from $1 Million to $50 Million
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Loans Over $3 Million • Coops Borrow at +/-4% Rates

Bristol Capital Group is a leader in funding Cooperative Underlying First Mortgages. With our strategic lending partners, we have closed and funded more than 80 Coop loans nationwide during the past 10 years under the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae programs, which offer the best terms in the metro New York market.

Coop Loan Program Highlights

  • $3 Million - $100 Million
  • Term: 5 – 30 Year Fixed Rate
    • 10 Year Rate Currently +/-3.75% - Highly competitive
    • Interest Only Available
  • Debt Service Coverage: 1:1
  • Loans Can Be Funded in Only 60 Days
  • Third-Party Reports: Appraisal, Environmental, Property Condition

No charge to size up your Cooperative Loan.

Please fill out the following for your complimentary Loan Request:

  • Last 2 years of Operating Statements
  • Current Budget
  • Current Rent Roll
  • Last 12 Months Rental and Other Income Cash Collections
  • Year-to-Date Income Statement
  • Capital Improvement Renovation Budget, if Applicable
  • Current Mortgage Balance

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